Sunday, January 07, 2007

Wickett and his Fur

We've had Wickett three years, as of last month. My skin was in chemical burn mode, our cousins were living with us, it was not a good time. I was on mom's bed, watching tv or reading, with my skin exposed. In comes Miss Nancy and Mom with this black thing. He immediately pooped on the bed.

It was his house, obviously.

Miss Nancy is one of mom's coworkers and she had Wickett from spring '03 until December '03 when he used my mom's bed as a toilet. She doesn't have a fenced in yard, and nobody was ever home to play with him, and he peed in the house. Well, we have a nice, big, secure backyard, and while there may not always be a human around, he has Dixie and Mikey. He had Ginger until August of '05 as well, but she didn't like being a chewtoy for the new boys that much.

As for his fur, he's jet black, obviously. Quite cute, especially with that snow on him, aw. He has white patches, but they're on his belly and chin. So all you normally see is nothing, a negative.

Tonight, er, this morning, the biggest little shit in the universe wanted out. So I let him out. A few minutes later, I hear him barking. A few minutes after that, I decided to let him in. Once, he was sitting on a chair, barking at me. This time, however, I couldn't find him. What I thought was him at first turned out to be a brown bucket.

And when our little brown living room trashcan is moved ever-so-slightly into the kitchen, I swear I see him. One time, I was taking out the trash, and I left the gate open because they never run out, they're quite content. I look down, there's Wickett! Oh shit!

No, it was just my shadow.


Ithildriel said...

Little dogs irritate me. Chigger is the exception that proves the rule.

If he had peed on my bed, I would have punted him. :D

Kaitlyn said...

He pooped, not peed.

There's a difference.

And I was depressed, and he was cute!