Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Doggie Diet Drug

Check this out!

The FDA has approved a weight loss for canines - not felines, and especially not humans.

This is insane, this is the latest drug breakthrough?

Weight loss for dogs?

Dogs are completely dependent on their owners in this area - how much they're fed, how much exercise they get - how... you're too irresponsible to play with your pup so you're going to buy a drug? And it says the same thing all weight loss things say "use with diet and exercise". Please. We all know the people that buy this won't do either - not for themselves, and not for their pups.

Jasmine was overweight, probably. Why? When we went overseas for about 5 years, we left her with my grandmother. She fed her pizza and obviously didn't exercise her - we came back and she was heavier. And a racist. And she broke her hip catching a frisbee not long after that, and the middle age spread hit her. And all the vets we saw cared. Not.

Anyway, our three mutts.

Dixie is a fixed female, almost 10. Wickett and Mikey are broken males, bother under the age of 5.

All are quite healthy.

We buy the cheapest 50 pound bag we can find, and fill one big bowl as it empties.

They eat on and off all day from the bowl, and they're fine.

They also get bits of healthy people food all day - bread, oranges(Mikey), bread, and pop rocks (one time, we wanted to see what would happen! We tried spicy food on the same principles). Mikey also drinks milk from time to time, and after his bout with Parvo, got into eggs. When his mommy left him for a week, and he had a bug bite, he got scrambled eggs, just for him.

In addition to our horrid food habits, they don't get daily walks. Not all three, sometimes not even one, if it's cold or wet or I don't feel good.

However, we have an insanely large, safe backyard, and they are quite happy to chase each other all day. Or chase us. We play every day inside or out. Mikey's particularly easy to rile, one dirty look from me and he's gone, flying around the house, he will catch me one day.

But that's us.

I'm sure there is a legit reason to buy this drug, but I can't think of any right now.

Zuzu over at Feministe probably said it better.

(And the best weight loss method for our mutts is a haircut.)

I also forgot - if a diet and increased exercise aren't working on the dog, you may have to accept that some dogs, like some people, have different metabolisms. Some breeds, even. Those labs are HUGE.

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Richard said...

but i bet they are marketing it most aggressively at the girl dogs... all those pictures of stick-thin german shepherds in dogmopolitan are not healthy.
ps you're not an idiot