Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wok Like an Egyptian

Sorry for the downtime, if anybody cared. I've just been screwing around, some lousy health type things have happened since I last posted, and I'll get around to them sooner or later, I'm sure.

Also, I want to post about more than health and play with this blogger 2.0 or whatever it is.


tess said...

So how have you been feeling lately? I notice you don't talk about it on Nytrams anymore.

Kaitlyn said...

I got a lot of grief last time I did it, so I just keep it in pm's.

It's hard to logically talk about it, because it's so messed up, no idea what's going on as it happens, it only makes sense afterwards.

SarnDuro said...

You publicly blame me for stuff all the time. I'm sure it's giving me a reputation, like lord of the broken fingernail.