Sunday, January 07, 2007

Stupid Commercials: K

There are three stupid commercials airing on American television right now.

Well, not now, we're getting into the awesome pre-super bowl ads. I love the rubber floor Budweiser one, and I saw the one where the ref's not a jackass, he's a zebra. Love it.

Prince'll be at this year's game, and I kinda understand football now, so I can watch and enjoy the whole thing!

Anyways, commercials.

1. KFC "Buffalo for a buck!"
  • Something sold at a restaurant is not 'a buck' or an even 99 cents. There are these things called taxes, and one is a sales tax, where you pay a certain number of cents per dollar of your purchase. Here in Tennessee, it's about 9 cents on the dollar, so I'd need a dollar and a dime for buffalo. Screw that. No tax on my vending machine purchase!
  • They're waiting for a train... where and how is the guy about to buy a snack from the vending machine going to get food from KFC?
  • The dude who got 'buffalo for a buck' is holding a drink. Was that a buck as well or was it part of the deal?

2. Special K - Christmas

  • How stupid is this kid? It looks like daytime, and Santa comes at night.
  • This woman is FAT? So fat that when she bends over in a red robe, her daughter thinks she's Santa Claus? This woman looks pretty healthy to me, a normal size.
  • "Now is when you regret those Holiday Cookies." COOKIES are enough to make you balloon to Santa proportions?!
  • The Special K promises 6 pounds in a couple weeks - 6 pounds is enough to make you not look like Santa?!
  • She opens her cupboard and has all of Special K's products, including the new things! She has their food, but eats those cookies anyway? And turns into Santa without the padding?

3. Special K - Donuts
  • The woman in question is a healthy size, on the thin side.
  • One donut will ruin that, and one Special K bar will keep her thin?

The Special K commercials are so frustrating! The women in the commercials never look overweight, so they have to keep eating this special brand of food to maintain that? That sucks.

I think it's probably easier to maintain your weight by exercising often in any way you chose and eating whatever the hell you want. Holiday cookies won't turn you into Santa, even if they cost a dollar. "It's only a buck!"

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