Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mallard Fillmore

Mallard Fillmore is a rightwing duck who has a comic strip.

It runs on the Commercial Appeal's 'Viewpoint' page, along with Doonesbury and (before he stopped) the Boondocks. I saw Boondocks get moved, people were angry about political messages in the comics.

Never mind we have one page for comics in this paper, Monday through Saturday, with Peanuts, Frank and Ernest, Crankshaft, and Born Loser on the front page of the Classified Ads section.

Sunday, we get a bit more. We get Doonesbury and we used to get the Boondocks on Sunday. Cool.

However, thanks to this blog - Duck and Cover - I have learned that the powers that be in the liberal Memphis press have been denying us a poorly drawn right-wing screed every single day it's printed! What an outrage!

I didn't even know there were Sunday strips, I thought it was M-S comic, I thought it was an editorial cartoon, I didn't know it runs in the comic section of some papers. Eew.

Also, the duck's an idiot. Last year, he got into a big flap over America: The Book because there was a parody strip that was funnier than the real thing. In the third panel, he said, "Oops, I forgot to tell a joke!"

Yesterday and today's strips revolve around the African e-mail scam. The first was disgusting - either he's an idiot and believes the e-mail is real and wants to help people, or he's an utter shitbird, mocking people crippled by poverty and people who try to help. Classy.

Today's was just WEIRD. I always thought the money came from somebody alive who was trying to get out of the country, not Americans who died in plane crashes.


Anyways - Duck and Cover - great funny blog. Check it out!


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