Sunday, January 28, 2007

They'll Do It Every Time

I can't believe this, I identify with one of the cartoons in today's strip.

I discovered this bizarre comic through the Comics Curmudgeon, which led me to Crap Every Time. The person who does Crap Every Time doesn't do the Sunday strips because her paper doesn't carry the comic (neither does mine), and the one online is hard to read. And she wants the weekends off.

But I couldn't resist. I had to look. It is so hard to read. Here's today's strip.

The one that I can relate to is the one split in two at the far end of the strip. For those who can't see it, he's looking for his glasses, and then he has to look for his spare pair to find his regular ones! I think he's looking for reading glasses, though I don't know why his wife - who probably has 20/20 vision, doesn't help him.

This happens to me a lot, always after sleeping. Not every time, but enough to drive me batty. One day this week, I fell asleep on the couch with my glasses on and could not find them after waking up. I tore apart the couch, looking under the cushions, and when I shook out the blankets, there they were. Still not doing the contacts thing, though! Poking yourself in the eye just to see? Not for me.

The rest of the cartoons in today's strip and every other day's, naturally, sucks.

The reason I look at this train wreck called a comic? The way the artist/writer writes dialogue.

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