Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dixie and her Tongue

What a happy girl!

Sorry I haven't posted a dog picture for a couple days, the Daily Show came back on and I started volunteering at the crisis center again, and I've been in exquisite pain in the evenings, my normal posting time.

Thanks to Violet at Reclusive Leftist for the extra traffic!

Love her blog, wish I had the brains or inclination to write like that. I have the habit of dropping the heated debate halfway through for puppy pictures and simpsons quotes.

So now I'm twisting a puppy picture to politics.

In the local rag, there was yet another letter to the editor saying that those who criticize Bush are traitors, giving aid to our enemies. I had no idea that the little girl who stole my name that I saw Tuesday and gave a lolly to is a terrorist! Thanks for telling me.

I fail to see how words and ideas give comfort to the enemy - especially one as scattered as this. What I say, what anyone says, is meaningless to them. "Oh, so-and-so has this blog about monkeys and musical instruments, she doesn't like Bush, now I will blow up this restaurant. Thanks Kaitlyn!"

The Daily Show's on, gotta go.

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