Saturday, March 03, 2007

Arkansas is so stupid!

Little blurb in today's paper, the B section, buried where no will see it.

Lawmaker seeks ban of gay foster parents.

Little Rock - A proposal to reinstate a ban on gay foster parents overturned by Arkansas' Supreme Court will be introduced to the legistlature Monday, a state senator said.

Sen. Shawn Womack said he plans to file a bill that would ban gays and lesbians from becoming foster parents, a prohibition that justices struck down last year.

"As a legislature we need to take a serious look at trying to uphold that policy in a way that's constitutional and in the best interest of the child," said Womack, R-Mountain Home.

In June, justices upheld a lower court decision that threw out a ban on homosexuals serving as foster parents. Four people sued after the policy was put in effect in 1999 and the state Child Welfare Board dropped the policy after losing a court fight in 2004.

Yay for Arkansas from 2004 to now!

Of course this idiot is a Republican.


All right, I'm not a foster kid. But I was in the nuthouse with foster kid. And I am still a kid.

Stop with the 'kids need a mommy and a daddy' shit.

If you meant it, you'd force every parent to be married against their will, so the kids will grow up with a mommy and a daddy.

Kids need loving homes, and two gay people can be great parents as well as two straight parents.

Denying the state foster families?

Denying children a home?

It's in their best interest really, to stay in a state home rather than live in a stable home with two women. Since gay couples can't have children biologically, they can be a boon to foster programs and adoption programs - families that want children but can't have them!

But no, if you spend time with gays, you'll turn gay.

A lot of the kids at the nutward were very religious, probably because religion was the only constant in their life and it promised a better one after this.


If this passes, he and his wife will take in every kid that could have been taken in by a gay family.

I mean, it's the right thing to do.

Single people shouldn't adopt or be foster parents, no mom AND dad there.

You know what?

If my mom had a son, and needed help with guy stuff after the divorce, she'd call on her brothers or her male friends. If a dad has a daughter and is widowed, he goes to his sisters or female friends for help with periods and boobs. What stops a gay family from doing the same?

The Vice President has a lesbian daughter. She's going to have a baby. (IVF? I haven't followed.) These laws don't matter to her, she's rich.

But Christ, if we had compassionate people in the White House, she could serve as a reason to stop this.

But we don't.

Gays are immoral, terrible people who recruit children, etc, etc.

I hate the south.

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