Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I LOVE the Daily Show

You know something's funny when you laugh when no one's listening.

Tonight, in the first segment, Rob Riggle was the war correspondent who supported the President.

"What's unclear about 'no doubt'? Well, maybe the silent 'b'..."

And his description of getting hit was so gruesomely HILARIOUS, I hope you got to see it.

Let's see what I remember, ten minutes later.

"Brooklyn was to the left of me, Lefty on my right. We were drawing straws to see who would wear the Kevlar vest when we got hit."

"Oh my God, was it an IED...?"

"No, insurgents had planted a copy of the New York Times in the glovebox. Lefty got 800 words of Maureen Dowd between the eyes. The poor kid never even got to see the Style section."

I was hitting the floor, laughing so hard, and no one was awake.

I'm going to check out this On Call in Hell by Richard Jadick when I get a chance. (He's a urologist. I hate my first urologist. He told me people live with pain, so shut up, right after he'd put a stent in my right kidney the wrong way - it fell out 2 days later, along with all the urine that had blocked my right kidney, fun, fun, fun!)

And then I've got the Colbert Report to laugh my ass off...

Why are these shows only 30 minutes long? Why are they only on 4 nights a week?

Why is there only one DVD? (Indecision 2004, supplemented by this awesome YouTube clip.)

And why can't I marry both Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert?

There some legal reason I don't know about here.

*checks mail* Ah, restraining orders. That would explain it.

The Colbert Report consistently cracks me up, and I love how much he loves the Stephen Cobeagle the Eagle mascot, how much he loves the Saginaw Spirit, and how much he cares for the eagle named after him.

Okay, I wasn't completely alone, the dogs were ignoring me, barking to be let out of Mom's room, and barking to get in the house. The humans, however, were asleep. And I'm still laughing my ass off.

Update - I'll settle for the guy who runs Make magazine, he was the guest on the Colbert Report tonight, and they ended up shooting marshmallows at each other. And I'm positive Colbert won the lottery, he bought ten tickets, what a shocking idea, why didn't I think of that? Since he's now obscenely rich, Crime Scene Investigation will now be Colbert Scene Investigation. I'd watch all 3 if that was the case.

Speaking of CSI, they've had Kevin Federline guest star, but not Stewart or Colbert. Something is gravely wrong here...

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