Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wickett and his Hunting Crouch

His enemy du jour?

That furry thing attached to his butt. He will catch it. He barks at it!

Since he got fixed, he stopped peeing in the house (except for today), but he's still noisy, crabby, and likes to hump Mikey and sometimes Dixie.

But he's also regressed to puppyhood again! It's so much fun. He'll chase his tail for hours, and today he was yelling at it and becky had the camera with a friend's house for pre-prom preparations. (The friend's boyfriend is a senior.)

But I will get video of him on the hunt one day.

Speaking of hunting, Dixie's killed her first palmetto bug of the season. It was under the grill, I moved it, and she struck. Bug guts and dog slobber everywhere. Thankfully on the porch this time.

Palmetto bugs are just big-ass cock-a-roaches. And Dixie loves to kill them.

(Substitute the palmetto bug for Mikey)

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