Friday, March 30, 2007

Mikey and his Cone

That's how you wear one.


Violet Brown said...

Poor Mikey. What an indignity. :(

He still looks adorable. :)

Kaitlyn said...

It's off him now, and he went straight to the area to lick it.

It's horribly swollen, but already his balls are smaller.

He still vocally, agressively hates me, so he's fine.

I had to give him one benadryl just now, in addition to his pain tablet about an hour ago, so it won't itch.

They pull out most of their stitches. Wickett had only one left in.

And his testicles are so much smaller, and he's much younger and sillier. He's spent the past couple days playing Dixie and trying to catch his tail - he hasn't succeeded yet, and I couldn't get a camera, but Becky had the camera with her. He was so cute and I couldn't get video or picture.

Mikey thinks that when his cone hits something - the truck, the desk, a chair, the couch, the wall - he assumes he's stuck and needs rescuing.