Friday, March 09, 2007

Mikey and his Cuteness

Violet Brown thinks the Mikers is cute.

I'm sending her my glasses...


violet brown said...

I admit I am very nearsighted and don't have glasses to help me. :(

I still think he's very cute.

Kaitlyn said...

I'm nearsighted and just got new lenses (I like these frames, and how can you properly see glasses on your face when you have to take your glasses off? Put your nose on the mirror?) and he just got a new haircut (he's nekkid).

He is cute-ish, though, without matted ears. His eyes grow, I swear when he wants this or that. So yes, he can be cute, but I still think Wickett's cute - he's got the ears.

What does Mikey have?

However, I will grant you that Mikey is cuter with hair than Wickett. Mikey still looks like a dog when he's got his thick coat. Wickett... dust mop is a compliment.