Saturday, March 31, 2007

My sister and I just have an odd relationship.

That is her attempt to get a picture of us together at the bowling alley the 12th. That's the one with the most of her face. She's great with a camera usually, but she just couldn't get a picture of herself!

Anyways, today we were screaming at each other and a few minutes later getting along fine.

She's going on a trip next weekend and she was thinking of burning songs from the computer onto a CD, only she didn't have a CD player that doesn't skip. (My old one.)

And I offered her the headphones of my mp3 player and then I decided to just let her use the player for the whole trip.


I have no idea.

My plan is to empty it of all my songs, then when she's asleep or at school, put her songs (she'll try to make me a list - over 200 songs) on it. When she gets back, remove her songs, put mine back on. Easy.

Here's the player - I like to call it an iPod, and mom calls all mp3 players iPods and it drives Mom wild. It was a lot cheaper than an iPod and it has 1GB of storage. It can also play radio stations, but I can't get that to work. One thing that is better about the iPod is that you can have playlists. This just takes what you upload, jumbles it up, and keeps the songs in that order. Still better than a CD player or nothing.

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