Thursday, March 22, 2007

Do students in the University of Memphis Honors program watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

Yes, they do.

At least one does.


I qualify for the Cecil C. Humphries Presidential Scholarship. That comes with $7500 a year, apparently enough to cover most of my expenses, since I am in-state. And there's still financial aid out there.

The letter came yesterday, I was so happy. They sent a copy as well, because you have to send it back by May 1st, 2007, or you won't get the money.

Too bad checkmarks, signatures, and dates can't show my excitement.

That's all - I had to check yes, sign, and date the letter. My score on the ACT (30) and my GPA (3.7) were all they needed.

Along with the scholarship offer (like I'd turn it down? Ha!) came another application - an application for the Honors Program. A brochure came as well - small, discussion based classes and the Honors Program Residence Area. I don't know if Honors housing applies to freshmen or not, but damn! The honors application? Just basic info like my name, address, and social security number. No essay, you get the application because you qualify.


I love learning.

And I have the money to do so.

All that's required to keep the money is a 2.75 GPA my first year, and a 3.0 the other 3. And 150 hours of volunteer work each academic year.

I already volunteer, and I love learning and I'm pretty smart, if I can brag here.

I can't wait!

Yesterday, I had to keep telling myself, "It's only March, it's only March."

It also comes with $1000 for foreign exchange.

However, there is a dark side to it. Students have been told throughout high school, do not apply for a scholarship that costs money - scholarships are free.

Well, this one wasn't.

Ignoring the $40 application for the university fee and the postage to send in said application, this still cost some serious money.

I had to type up a summary and explanation for why I didn't go to school. That was 3 pages of computer paper. Then I had to mail that in. And I put on 2 stamps, just in case, so that's 78 cents right there.

And when the offer came, I had to send it back in an envelope, with another stamp.

This scholarship cost me $1.17.

For shame.

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