Monday, March 19, 2007

Mikey and his Pathetic Looks

The poor little weenie's been acting sick for last few days - listless, shaking, and, well, looking like that.

However, he's not too weak to chase me around the house or hump Dixie's neck, so...

I just took the top one today. What a cute little monkey.

He has an appointment with the vet today. The vet put him on 3mL of iron a day after his pre-op blood test showed he was anemic, which is why Mikey still has literal balls, while Wickett only has metaphorical cajones. It's so sad.

Actually, Dixie's the ballsiest of them all. Saturday, brat girl wanted on the couch, and didn't care, for once, that I was stretched out on it. She didn't want to get on the couch to bark at people or dogs or shadows, she wanted to sleep on the couch. So she hopped up, right on my legs.

But normally, if this or that pillow is not right, she'll just whine until you fix it.

And when I fall asleep on the couch and Mom's watching TV on the other one, Dixie apparently spends quite some time hitting me with her nose and paws because she belongs on the couch, dammit. But she always gives up and flops down next to the couch. Last week, I woke up overheated and threw all the blankets off. Then I wondered, "Where's Dixie? She's not outside, the dimwits are over there..."

She was under the blankets and she wasn't moving.

She'll give up a spot on the couch without a fight, but the eyes and the guilt!

Mikey's small enough to share, but he'll get down soon after you sit near him. (As long as you are not his beloved human, my mom.)

Wickett's smaller, so he should share. He sits as high up as possible - the top of the back cushions or a pile of pillows and blankets at the end. So a person should be able to sit or lie down with him on the couch with no problems.

Should, not can. That brat hops up and starts barking and chasing you - try to sit down at one end, he's flopped out at the other, legs everywhere, seemingly comfortably asleep. But no, he's up and yelling.

He'll get off, then come back and snuggle, slapping at you with his teeny paws. "Love me."

When he does this to Mom and she pets him, Mikey gets pissed.

So he gets on the couch too, cuz he's the man.

But he doesn't want to snuggle with anyone, he just doesn't want anyone else near his mommy.

He's put out when she sleeps on the couch, he has to sleep in the living room? On the floor? On a blanket? The horror, the horror!

So where does Doofus sleep when Mom does sleep in her bed?

On the floor. On his Harry Potter blanket.

Unless Wickett or one of Mom's human children come in, then he must get up there and growl and be tough - it's his Mommy, his bed, his house, why don't we understand that?

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