Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wickett and his Sense of Entitlement

I read this post at Feministe today, and some of the comments are so funny.

Part of it is being a man means spreading your legs when you sit.

And like I always do, I think of the dogs.

Wickett, to be exact.

He is obscene.

He must lay down (even sleep?) with his back legs wide open because he just has too much junk down there - even after getting fixed. He's doing it right now, under the computer desk. Dogs!

Mikey doesn't do it, he never stretches out. Dixie stretches out all the damn time, oh her paws are moving in her sleep, how dear. But Wickett is the king of stretch, draped over the couch cushion, front legs flopped over, and back legs wide open.

We've always known it has something to do with him being the manliest man that ever manned the Earth.

Oh, he heard me typing and shut his legs. It's a trip to watch him. "The leg's going up! No! It didn't make it. Oh, there it goes. What a man."

Sorry for the pornographic image, but he's the man.

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