Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Something cool I can do with this blog!

I'm sure you've noticed the jumbled up list of links to the right side, under the archives and subjects. First I had them in a certain order by what they were, but that got hard, and now I found out I can make more than one collection of links!

Yes, it's a simple revelation, but it's making my day.

In other blogger news, who has trouble with visual verification when responding to posts?

When I do it at other blogs that require visual verification, I have no problem. It is only with blogger blogs that I have this problem. And I know I'm not alone.

You type in your comment, you type in the gibberish, and, if you're not already logged in, you type in your e-mail and password and click 'publish your comment'.

And then you get an error message, saying type the words in the visual verification box exactly as they appear. And you're still not logged in, you have to type in your password again.

I think the most I've had to do it is 3 times, but last night, I made a comment at a blogger blog and it went straight through the first time. What gives?

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