Saturday, March 10, 2007


Pandas are cute.

That is a given, everyone loves pandas and their babies, even "manly men" do because they are just too, too, too cute! (I'm biased, I get a daily dose of cute, courtesy of Cute Overload.) I mean, I want one, damn reality and the 3 animals we already have, I need a panda.

Conversation just now:

Me: "Can we get a panda?"

Mom: "Sure, there are plenty at the Humane Society."

See, she understands.

But she doesn't know what evil lurks in the hearts of pandas, and I do.

I have spent a few months (less than 3) reading about it here. It's disgusting and vile and I was there before the head panda worked her way into John Edward's campaign. Yeah, that's right, I said panda. She didn't resign because of her views or language, no, it was because they were going to out her as a non-human.

But I know the truth, and I have said it here, on my little-read blog.

Take that, Marcotte!

Actually, I adore Pandagon. But it is an evil website. I've always known I was a liberal, pro-choice feminist as soon as I knew anything about the issues. It was nothing I can pinpoint, but as I became aware of the world around me and the president (yes, after September eleventh - I'll discuss that more another day) and politics.

I just knew I was a hairy legged commie. It may have something to do with the fact that I hate shaving my legs (you don't wear glasses in the shower, how can you see the little hairs? And my little sister lied, she said the blonde fuzz would come back as blonde fuzz, not sharp and black). So I just latched onto feminism to excuse my hairy legs. I mean, duh.

Anyways, I just knew. But I didn't discover liberal blogs until December, I believe. For some reason, Mallard Fillmore pissed me off one day, and I just started looking for others who didn't like him. Some liberal blogs that aren't just about "serious" politics mentioned him, and I followed the links. Feministe came before Pandagon, and Reclusive Leftist came before both, I think. I got Reclusive Leftist from Lean Left, which I have since abandoned. (LL, not RL.)

However, Pandagon is still evil, along with Feministe. Why? They are addictive, and I want to read almost every post ever made. I can't tell you how many pages from Pandagon and Feministe are in my favorites right now. And I'll probably never finish them all, because most of the time, there's a link to another post in the body of the post, not to mention the evil previous and next post links at the top of the page. So I add more and more to my favorites, as I try to empty the folder.

Evil pandas.

Look at them, you just know they have some evil planned. It wouldn't surprise me if the photographer was mauled shortly after this picture was taken.

A serious note on the Edward's campaign and Amanda Marcotte - that brought in a lot of new readers and commenters, some who hate her and her ideals. It's very tedious and makes no sense to me. You know you hate her, why say it on her blog? Again and again. There are trolls on older posts too, but they're not saying the same thing again and again. Any time someone wants to talk about the campaign, there are many people there to say "You're a potty-mouthed bigot, you need mental help(saw that today on Feb 18th page.), and this is an echo chamber, anyone who disagrees is banned, etc, etc."

I saw the third all the time at Nytram's Place, after he made the decision to ban a poster who'd said she was dying of cancer, then came back and called us all hypocrites because she wasn't and if you fighted with her one day over politics, how could you offer sympathy to her the next over illness? Perhaps because we were sympathetic idiots who knew the person behind the posts was, just that, another human being and political views shouldn't get in the way of common decency. So now people come to the board from time to time, trolling.

I would never go to a right-wing (or anything I hated) blog or message board and say, "I hate you. You're wrong."

I'd come here and say that, if I felt so motivated. I haven't, so far.

That's the thing I don't understand - some of these people that hate her (or want to pray for an avowed atheist) get so worked up, judging from their comments. I can't fathom why you'd frequent a site you hate, that attacks everything you believe in. Life is stressful enough, we don't have to read what we don't want to read. If the comments go into the hundreds at Pandagon, I usually close the page before finishing them all, and I love the comments at Feministe, Reclusive Leftist, and Pandagon. But the new people at the third are sucking all the fun out of it. They think that by saying they hate her and disagree with her and they'll pray for her will do what... exactly? Make her change the site to nothing but panda pictures? (I could get behind that.)

So I close the page, I don't have to read what I don't want to read (outside of school). I've read a couple Ann Coulter books, and I've read two Michael Moore books. I didn't enjoy any of them. I do, however, like PJ O'Rourke's books and Al Franken's. (I have Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot and Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them. Both bought at the Salvation Army, but not at the same one.)

I remember I read How To Talk to a Liberal (If You Must) and Slander, I think around the 2004 election. Talk was easier to read than Slander, because it was just her reprinted columns. I had to force myself to finish Slander, and I gave up on Treason. I wanted to read them so I could say I'd read them, read things from a different view point, but I couldn't slog through another one of her books. And all I know about Godless is what I've seen on the Daily Show and liberal blogs.

(All Coulter, O'Rourke, and Moore books were library books, as was Franken's latest.)

I wanted to be "balanced" and read different opinions, but I didn't really want to. So I stopped.

And I'm not about to start. So I don't understand why other people feel the need to read things they hate.

Life's a pain as it is, why would you seek out things that make you mad?

Pandas may be evil, but they don't control anything beyond their own websites. They don't force people to read their sites. No blogger forces people to read their blog. (Okay, I do, but that's because nobody reads mine.)

So, to sum up - pandas are evil, I have too many pandagon and feministe posts in my favorites to read, and people who seek out and frequent websites they already know they hate are morons. Goodnight.


Amanda said...

Thanks so much! I'm flattered. And we're trying to eradicate the trolls that make it less than super fun to comment.

Kaitlyn said...

You're welcome.

I know every supportive word helps when you're under attack, whether it's spread throughout the internet or just the 30 or so people at your favorite message board. :)

But you should capitulate to their demands and post a cute panda baby for every dirty word. "They're such [panda] idiots."