Friday, March 23, 2007

Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream Ice Cream

It's great!

It was expensive, but not as much as I thought. Ben and Jerry's is a big brand name, I thought it would be 5 bucks, and it was "only" $2.94 a pint.

More than store brand, but I had to get it.

It's great. Vanilla, caramel, and fudge-covered bits of waffle. They have the consistency of a waffle cone. It's new and interesting.

The caramel mixed into the ice cream is better than caramel sauce put on vanilla. Not too much caramel.

I'm not too big a fan of chocolate in ice cream beyond the chips in chocolate chip cookie dough at Baskin Robbins.

But this isn't too much, the waffles taste great.

And the vanilla is... vanilla. A good, neutral base for the caramel and fudged waffled bits.

I'm not Catholic but I did give something up for Lent - religion.

Stephen gave up sweets. I had mint chocolate chip ice cream yesterday (store brand) because ice cream is cold and I believe that mint flavors are even colder. And it worked. (Hot flashes are a sweaty pain.)

Great ice cream, even though I had to spend more than 30 minutes in wal-mart to get it. (Save-A-Lot doesn't carry Ben and Jerry's! Who knew?)

Much better than Willie Nelson's flavor, because I don't like peaches, so I don't have to try it. My gut says the truthiness about his ice cream is: it's not as good as Stephen's.

No Report until Monday night. How will I survive?

My April 2007 Mad came today, I'll review it after I finish it.

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