Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Reverend Billy Graham Confuses Me By Agreeing With Me.

In part.

This is from yesterday's M section, March 9th. I had TV to watch once the sun went down (Las Vegas and Law and Order baby! The L&O was from the start of the season and had Chevy Chase as the Mel Gibson character, complete with Sugartits. (Which is totally one of Wickett's new nicknames. He used to be called TeeTee because he "teetee'd" all over the house, and I guess she is too much of a lady to call him a walking pisspot when she catches him peeing or titshit when he acts like a rotten shit.)

There was a good point made - spoilers, I don't care, this is its second run on TV. Chevy's kid killed the lady, and to get the kid less jail time, they were going to charge Chevy with child abuse because he'd passed on the anti-Semitic torch. Jack McCoy said his dad was an Irish cop who would rant about the Blacks, the Hispanics, the Ukrainians, and every one who wasn't Irish. The new female ADA (who knows how long she'll last or if she'll get TV show of her own later on - Jill Hennessy has Crossing Jordan now, another show I adore.) said something along the lines of see, you did the right thing and came to your own conclusions. Jack's reply?

"Only because I hated the old man."

That was so funny to me (I was in horrific pain that went away within the hour.) and it was so true. My dad is a bigot. He was raised that way, and he loves his mother and his dead stepfather, going so far as to keep stepdad's name, when his two other siblings kept their father's name. (So did the youngest, but he's my dad's stepdad's biological son.)

My dad's a bigot and a conservative.

I don't like my dad at all.

It was just too funny, too true. I think I would have reached my own conclusions about life and people, but who knows, if they'd never divorced, this could be a conservative blog, weeping about Libby's conviction (not from laughing too hard) because Libby forgot something. We all forget things. Tim Russert forgets things - and it's on camera! And they convicted Russert. Travesty of justice. That's what Charles Krauthammer said in his op-ed piece printed in the Commerical Appeal yesterday. Basically, the paper's in the outside trashcan.

Back to my main point - Billy Graham agreed with me! And confused me.

A person wrote in asking if God knew people would get all murderous and imperfect. If he did, why didn't he make us good?

The Reverend's answer is straightforward, and he agrees with me on one point - God wanted us to have free will so we'd choose to love him, because love is more real if it is chosen. (I agree with that.) He ended up saying accept Jesus for your salvation, blah blah.

But what he started with makes no sense, and my sister can't answer my question about it. (She's a Methodist and doesn't go to church services, she sticks with her youth group. They don't believe what the Baptists believe, and they don't judge other religions. Clearly, she is going to hell.)

God made us becaue He loved us and He wanted us to love Him in return.
Where did God get the idea? It would have been easier to get a dog, really, they adore you, and yes, the brats do choose to love you or not. Trust me.

Where did God get the idea to make people? Is there a race of cosmic beings who have their own planets, and he saw the nearest one and the god forced his creations to love him and he didn't like that. Or the Sims existed back then in some form.

In the Big Book of the Unexplained, God or whatever is in charge, is called the Cosmic Trickster. I like that. It's the only thing that makes sense.

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