Friday, March 09, 2007

Some irony in the paper

Sometimes I get it in my head to read each section of the paper, and yesterday evening was one of those times. I skipped the sports, though, I always do. And I made it through all but one page of business. And I skipped the main article in the M section, but! I read the first 2 sections entirely.

Of course, I'm referring to them labeling Bill Gates as Robert Gates! What a knee-slapper! Actually, it was silly because it was a bit on Bill Gates supporting more immigrants, and we know how the Bush Administration feels about that.

No, what I'm talking about is even more obscure.

I always get a kick out of reading the 'Memphis Memories' in the B section.

The shocking piece was from one hundred years ago, 1907. Brace yourself. I read it to Dixie and she hasn't spoken a single word since! Just a warning, for the faint of heart.

Apparently, in Annapolis, The Naval Athletic Association spent $4,598 to maintain the Naval Acadamey's football team, and that amount is more than half the total expenses for the year for all sports! Try to contain yourself, readers. Most of the people involved are now dead, and institutions of education and their supporters have stopped spending so much and placing so much emphasis on sports. It's 2007, after all.

Wait, I just got a bulletin, no they haven't. The Memphis Tigers are still important to the school and the area, and Memphis Mayor Willie Hereton doesn't like them playing at Memphis landmarks. The basketball team used to play in the Pyramid. When the Grizzlies came to town, a new court was in order, the FedEx Forum. Which looks like every other damn 'forum' in the world. And the Stones were there in 2005 and I didn't get to go. And I remember the reason people were pissed about the Grizzlies and the Forum, beyond the money, was one of their conditions of play - nobody else can play when they're playing at home. But it was mostly the money.

Well now, the Mayor (appointed by God, he claimed a couple years ago. I just read the Big Book of the Unexplained, and 'God', or what created/controls the world, is called the Cosmic Trickster. I like that. And if God's a Cosmic Trickster, than sure she/he/it would appoint Willie Herenton and George Bush.) wants to build a new football stadium, because the Liberty Bowl isn't good enough to attract a football franchise, and that's what Memphis needs to get people to move here and care about us. Not improving schools, fighting crime, getting rid of corruption in office, but a new football stadium.

The Pyramid may be sold to Bass Pro Shops. Which means we lose the Wonder Series. I can't find a link for it, there used to be a page, but when the Pyramid closed, they must have taken it down. They didn't bring enough money. At least we still have the Pink Palace. (The wax people scare me, but you get to walk through a replica of the first Piggly Wiggly!)

Actually, the thing in the paper I meant to write about happened after the Naval Athletic Associated spent $4,598 on football.

75 years ago: 1932
Mrs. G.T. Fitzhugh, Mrs. J.W. Monks, Mrs. Hugh S. Hayley, Mrs. D.B. Puryear, Mrs. George Wellons, and Mrs. P.J. Hackett yesterday were elected officers of the Memphis and Shelby County Democratic Women's Victory Club.

Read that again. "the Memphis and Shelby County Democratic Women's Victory Club." What are the last three words? "Women's Victory Club." It was the Women's Club. And yet they were still identified by their husbands' names, unless Mrs. Hayley was unlucky enough to named Hugh, and Mrs. Wellons was not the boy her parents expected.


I thought it was funny.

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