Saturday, March 03, 2007

Something Funny in Today's Paper

To counter the horrid bit about Arkansas and gay people, here's something about Tennessee and gay people.

It's letter to the editor, I'm going to type it and the heading it was given, but not the person's name, that's cruel.

How to ruin a nice Sunday morning

The use of the degenerate, self-proclaimed lesbian Ellen DeGeneres' pictures and article in this week's TV Week insert in the Sunday paper is an affront to every "shut-in" Christian that must refer to this section in order to locate a TV church service.
If the Hollywood leftist liberals want to use her for their Oscar MC, that is their problem, but we here in the "Bible Belt" shouldn't have to be exposed to such "trash" by "our newspaper"!

I'm just surprised he didn't call her "Ellen DeGenerate".

So the Commercial Appeal should stop all coverage of GLBT people or issues, because we're in the south, and such people don't exist here. And if they do, they certainly don't tell people and appear on the local TV Guide! (The picture and the article, for the record, say nothing about her sexual orientation. The article is a boring reprint from, and I just reread it. Nothing. I guess her continued existence in the media is an affront to our Christian values.)

Couldn't a "'shut-in' Christian" get a weekly letter from the church that has the services? Or go online and look up their website? Or call the church? (I'm assuming it's Bellevue, which is an asssult on my sister's Christian values, because of its size. It is the mother of all mega-churches and has a weekly broadcast on that bastion of liberal communism, CBS. Just checked the TV Guide - Joel Osteen has 30 minutes Sunday morning, followed by an hour of First Baptist, which narrows down nothing.)

Whatever. My point is, while the Commercial Appeal is the only daily rag in the area, there are other sources. The TV Week doesn't list Monday through Friday mornings separately, so I have to get online to find out what's on, especially when the Week says 'Varied Programs'. And I often have to check, because it's inaccurate or out of date, even when they do list everything.

And I don't like the ads inside.

There is the chance the letter is a joke, and I know it was the only one sent in about the TV Week. How stupid. If it's real, let's imagine the thought process. Flipping through the Sunday paper, our good Christian, gets to the ads and looks for the TV Week, as quickly as he can, because he must know when Joel Osteen is on! And, horror of horrors, Ellen DeGeneres is on the cover. She's a lesbian! She came out! And she's on the cover of the TV Week, something this poor soul must see for a whole week! She's on the cover because she's gay, not because she's hosting the Oscars, which was kind of important, especially to those in the media. (Happy Feet won! Yay!)

A bit of silliness from Western Tennessee.

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