Saturday, March 24, 2007

One other thing about the Wizard of Oz -

Glinda calls Dorothy ugly (or has bad eyesight).

If I recall, Glinda says she's a witch, Dorothy says witches are ugly, and Glinda says only bad witches are ugly, good witches are pretty.

Then she asks if Dorothy is a bad witch or a good witch! (I want a sandwich.)

To quote Kelso, BURN!

I am so fried, I want to review my April Mad - the white subscriber's cover said this is your last issue, give us money, but I called them because my mom paid $40 for a mad subscription, she wrote 'mad classics' in her checkbook, but according to the people at Mad, it was for the regular magazine. My subscription is safe until April 2009, which is so far into the future. (That's what I thought about the April 07 date until 2007 rolled around.)

So I want to review it, but I can't.

It's 2:30 in the morning. I woke up at 12:45 because I couldn't breathe. (I fell asleep at 9:30.)

My nose was stopped up and my throat was sore. 2 atarax (antihistamine prescription), a sudafed PE (okay, not sudafed, the store brand, but it works), and a chloraspetic tab later and I feel much better, if still fried.

And when I had to pee, the pain god woke up and said, "You didn't sacrifice a goat to me, you must die." So I sacrificed 2 pain pills and the heating pad.

That's how brain dead I am.

Random things -

Why can't people pronounce my name right? KAY-AY-EYE-TEE-ELL-WHY-ENN. Kaitlyn!
Not Kathleen, not Katrine, not Katherine, KATE-LYN. (Not that spelling, but that's as phonetic as I can get it.) I know I have bad handwriting, but this was somebody reading my name off a computer or medical chart. There is no R in my first name. There is no H in my first name.

There are Rs and Hs in my middle and last name, but you're not getting those. Except my last name is simple, it's a dictionary word, and people mispronounce that, too. And it's not ethnic, unless European-WASP-mutt names are too ethnic now.

Nobody mispronounces my sister's name, and it's longer than mine!

They do mispronounce Wickett's. They call him Wicked.

Usually after he's screamed at them.

Somethings confusing and conflicting about gender stereotypes -

The woman is supposed to be the cook in the family, but the man is the only one allowed to grill. (In our house, the only ones who are not allowed to grill food are Becky and the dogs.)

The woman is supposed to care about flowers and the garden, but the man's domain is the rest of the yard, the grass.

Women can't make decisions while pregnant (like whether to have the kid or not), but they're the ones who should raise the kids.

Most slang names for male genitalia mean a strong, if jerky guy, when used as an insult. Except for weenie.

And the two common nicknames for female genitalia are contradictory when used as insults.

And, why doesn't our upstairs bathroom have a vent? Because it has a window? That open window leads to wasps in my hair and wasted air-conditioning. Before we turned on the AC, my room was 80 degrees. Of course, it's on the western side, and the house to the west is one story, while ours has 2, so it could have been baking all afternoon, I guess.

That's it, I'm tapped for ideas.

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