Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stephen Colbert RULES.

Did you see last night's episode?

First, Oshawa, Ontario declared March 20th (the mayor's birthday) Stephen Colbert day because Stephen's Saginaw Spirit won - no thanks to Stephen Cobeagle, I'm sure.

I love his enthusiasm for his Saginaw Spirit.

How can you not?

But the best part, besides the Word, which always rules, was the culmination of his bitter fight with Wille Nelson.

As you know (or should know), Ben & Jerry puts out celebrity ice cream. This year, they released Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream ice cream. He was so happy to be the only celebrity chosen this year, what an honor, etc.

But no, the hippies who control the ice cream world decided to make two. (They probably make two each year, I've never eaten Ben & Jerry ice cream, but I saw a Mad parody of their celebrity pints.)

The other celebrity? Willie Nelson.

He came on the show last night and Stephen was so angry he needed a mediator, some guy from the '90s who helped end the Bosnian Civil War (why do I remember that, but not his damn name? grr), to work this out.

"Which one of us is worse than Milosevic?" Stephen!

"All diplomats carry their own spoons." Sage words.

To put an end to this horrible fight, they had to try each other's ice cream (Willie's is Peach Cobbler mixed with shredded tax papers and hash). Willie took a bite of Stephen's and said it was good, and Stephen gracefully accepted his apology.

When we came back, Willie was singing "On the Road Again". Then Stephen came out, along with white-diplomat-guy-from-the-90s (ARGH!) to sing with him.

It was so damn awesome.

It reminded me of the last episode of 2006 - when he was fighting another musician(s). The Decemberists' Green Screen Challenge was a direct copy of his, I think (I watched sporadically until December, so I missed most of that fight). So they challenged him to play guitar, and he naturally accepted. Because he rocks.

But oh no, the night of the challenge, he cuts his hands! Right before playing!

So he had Peter Frampton sub for him.

And Henry Kissinger, via satellite, was one of the judges.


How does he get such great guests?

And is it true people take him seriously? (He's on Comedy Central, for pete's sake!)

And yeah, the Daily Show was awesome, I disagreed with the guest a thousand percent, but John Bolton? Former ambassador to the UN? On the Daily Show?

I love the guests they get. I saw Kurt Vonnegut on the Daily Show thanks to youtube, and I saw Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda on the Colbert Report the same way. (They got to kiss him! He made feminists talk about feminism while wearing aprons and standing in front of a rolling counter - apple pie, I think they were making. But they kissed him!)

Which brings me to what sucks the suck out of life right now, youtube.

I started watching X-files music videos on youtube and quickly got hooked. It takes a long time to load, but unlike other video players, it actually loaded for me. (My favorite X-files videos - Monster Mash and Stuck in the Middle With You)

Then I discovered '80s videos were on there. And then I found Daily Show and Colbert Report clips. Luckily, I got to watch many of these on a high speed connection.

But since they got bought by google, more and more videos have been pulled. I know there are Daily Show and Colbert videos on Comedy Central's site, but they don't work for me. Literally. Will not load. And they pulled the 'You Sexy Thing' video of Stephen Colbert! (I got to see that on a high speed connection as well.)

And I have no idea where to find Dexy's Midnight Runners anymore.

But my favorites were Prince (I watched Kiss too many times - not there's such a thing as too much Prince) and they got pulled before the google purchase. At least I got to see them.

There are two Daily Show clips I love. Steve Corddry reporting on something terrible in the Middle East with a huge smile on his face before breaking down and cheering - the Red Sox won! The other is a bit more recent, it involves one of the new guys, John Oliver. (Very cute, especially with the accent.) It's about his immigration struggle, it was so damn funny.

They need to put out more DVDs. And MTV2 (which plays videos, or used to play older videos) should come standard with our cable. We have three ESPNs, but only one MTV and VH1?

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