Sunday, March 25, 2007

Family Guy

I used to love this show, we got all the DVDs of the pre-canceled episodes. And I have a book about the show by Stewie that I love.

But now, since they came back, well... they've kind of sucked the suck out of suck most of the time. I know they like to offend as much as possible on a network channel, but I loathe the creepy pedophile character above all the other things.

Tonight's episode wasn't too offensive, on the surface it could be seen as offensive to the physically handicapped, but Peter was the prejudiced one, and Peter's an idiot. Beyond Homer Simpson idiocy.

However, there was this hilarious bit in the first act that had me laughing out loud.

I liked the thrift store scene (again, except for the pedophile), but what followed was priceless.

Peter found red flannel footie pajamas. With a butt flap, so he can be warm and poop, no longer does he have to choose!

He wears them for three days, and Lois tells him he has to get rid of them.

He walks away, shuffling his feet in that sniff, sniff, no one loves me way we all recognize, and then sits on the couch next to Chris. ZAP!

He assumed he was Christ - being able to harness static electricity makes you Christ. Makes sense to me.

I was in terrible pain (still am, yuck), and it was so damn funny. He stalked everyone in the house, shocking them.

It was simple, it was stupid, and it was hilarious.

Regarding our now dead trampoline, it used to shock the hell out of us.

It was so cool to get up after having your head on the trampoline and see your hair standing up.

What was not cool was being touched by a fellow jumper and getting shocked.

And, since we got a $25 garage sale trampoline, we never got the plastic/rubber/fabric/teflon cover that most people get for the springs and metal ring. So getting off involved touching the rings with your foot or hand to get to the chair or just not be so high in the air when you jumped off.

I couldn't stand it.

It sucks to jump in shoes, so you're usually barefoot. And I got shocked through my tennies once.

I would jump over the springs to get off, and it scared me every time. I was worried I'd snap a bone in my legs or fall or something.

Nothing ever happened, except once, I jumped off and landed standing up, took a step, and fell on my butt. The same thing happened at high school, when we had one of the random emergency exit drills for the schoolbus. I told the administrator I didn't need a hand, and I landed upright, just fine. Took a step, and fell over, thankfully not on my butt on the concrete.

King of the Hill sucked tonight, I love Tom Petty's music, I even think he's kind of cute, but I don't like the character of Lucky, and I don't like the whole mess. I thought it was supposed to end.

The Simpsons was great, even though my sister talked during the episode, and my mom won't let me duct tape her mouth closed for 30 minutes. Parents!

Futurama's coming back next year, I hope it continues its excellence and doesn't devolve into the state of Family Guy now. I doubt it though, the last season of Futurama is beautiful.

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