Sunday, April 01, 2007

My Hundredth Post!

And 93 came in the months of January, February, and March. I am a posting fiend!

To mark this occasion, I have made two new blogs: Spicy Spam and Plug It Up.

The first is just a collection of bizarre spam subjects, not original, but I wanted to and no one can stop me!

The second I said I'd do, and here it is. I'm so cool.

You probably shouldn't mark your centennial by saying, "Woot! 100 posts!" but it is 4:45 in the morning and the creative part of my brain is sleeping.

100 posts! I can't believe I've kept it up this long. It was my unofficial New Year's Resolution you know, pick up the blog again. I've been told since I was 8 that I am a talented writer, and now I am merrily disproving all those teachers, parents, and relatives with 100 posts of sheer nonsense.

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