Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Two disgusting things today about the massacre at VT.

My mom is the personal assistant of a special ed high school girl with many problems, autism and schizophrenia are two mental problems for certain. Plus, she's most likely mentally retarded.

Her mom doesn't care and wants her to get an academic education, going to regular classes and not going to the special olympics because her daughter's not special in that way. What's bizarre is her mom has the same job my mom has, at a different school - special ed assistant.

Anyways, if the girl is in a good, docile mood and not asleep, they go to classes. The classes she goes to are the stupid classes, below normal freshman level.

The boys in the class were bragging that they could kill more with their AK-47, that no one would be left standing.

And since these idiots live in a more rural area, they probably hunt. It was only the white boys. Some are genuinely slow, but the assholes who say these things just don't give a damn.

My mom hates her job.

Contrast that with Becky's experience at school today - most of her classes are the 'smart' classes - she was put in psychology, a senior class. She hated it at first, but now she likes it.

The discussion in her classes?

Sadness, heartbreak over the loss of life. Some of the students live in a rural area, just like at mom's school, but Becky heard no such thing today.


And thanks to Violet at Reclusive Leftist, I learned that there is a free gun giveaway in Virginia on Thursday.

Sick, sick, sick.

People suck.

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