Saturday, April 14, 2007

Forget Brat Dolls!

Who me?

What's hurting our country is brat dogs.

Like that one!

It's storming - heavy rain, around 40 degrees, some fantastic lightning, but not much thunder.

I thought it was the thunder that set off ol' crybaby Dixie, but no, it's the whole thing!

She got 2 benadryl in some white bread (and the boys got a couple of pieces too, I'm not a monster) around 6 or 6:30.

As it is now midnight, I figured the time is right to do it again - Wickett was the only boy to get bread. He's special.

If I go upstairs right now and leave her to sleep on the couch, she could pee in the house.

And it would be my hide. Because her pee stinks and it's bigger than one of the boy's bodies, let alone their puddles.

AND! To top it all off, I'm on this knew painkiller. My body's not responding to the Lortab (Hydrocodone and tylenol) anymore. This happened every few weeks the last time I was on Lortab for an extended day-to-day time: November 2003 to January 2004. Short, yes, but painful. "Acid burn" is too gentle for what it was. So the Lortab'd stop working, and we'd switch to another for a week or so, before going back to the Lortab.

And I think this is the one Limbaugh got addicted to. How? It's been an hour and a half, sure, I'm a bit sleepy, but still in pain.

AND! To top that off, our new, state-of-the-fucking-art heating pad refuses to work for me!

It has an LCD display and goes all the way up to 171 degrees Fahrenheit. I always set it there and get a nice red splotch on my belly after using, but GOD, does it work.

However, yesterday, being Friday the 13th, it hated me. HATED. I needed it at 10:30 when I woke up from my nap.

So I plugged it in, turned it on, and set it for an hour at 171 degrees.

And it just said "LO" at me in the temperature spot!

But tonight, when I'm pain and I need it, I plugged it in and took it out and plugged it back in and put it in different sockets and it still said "LO"!!!!!

And there is nothing, absolutely nothing, in the little paper that came with the pad that says "LO" or what to do when it says that. Not even on the Spanish side!

Then, I plugged it in to the socket by the door, and the temperature started to climb!

And I moved it to the computer and it's still working! Yes!

It's at 167. Mmm, nice and warm. You know what sucks? Needing this and having a hot flash. When it's 60 degrees out. And having a hot flash at 18, before your mother.

Back to Brat Dogs (tm), I wanted to try the heating pad upstairs and read in bed.

But if I do that, no one will stay here with the Baby.

And the Brat could get freaked and pee.

On the carpet!!

So, here I am, risking our computer and all that's on it by typing this. I'm all for storms, but I wanted to get on the 'puter.

But at least I've got the heating pad working.

That's right, hide under the pillow.

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