Friday, April 06, 2007

Today's They'll Do It Every Time is Disgusting.

Sorry to butt into your territory, Barb, but JESUS CHRIST.

This is wrong. Fauna, divorce his controlling ass now. Don't just 'brew him but good'.

She's a grown woman and she has to ask her husband permission to take night classes so she can get a degree and get a better job or promotion and make more money? Or even just expand her horizons and learn for the sake of learning?

It's two thousand fuckin' seven. That's a pretty new looking tv for a 50s mindset.

Fifi? Fifi?! Maybe Fifi wasn't raised in an environment where grown women can do whatever the fuck they want.

I hope she sent that in as she filed for divorce - my dad wouldn't let my mom go out with her friends one night after work because it was his night off and he didn't want to spend it with the kids, and we weren't out-of-control, hard to entertain kids. We knew how to read and do things ourself. He just wanted to go out with his (girl)friend, how dare mom go out with hers? She did, within a year they were divorced. Mom kicked him out.

And when it was finished, she took classes at the local community college. Night classes. Dad said that made her a bad parent. He didn't want us, he just wanted to hurt her.

Ugh! "Right at home to enjoy her company" - right at home, making him dinner and getting him beer and acting as his live-in maid and cook. "No wife of mine needs education!"

Bastard. Fifi, I know entries can be twisted, but there is no fucking way this could have been sent in with Dragbutt as the good guy.


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