Thursday, April 12, 2007

Two great TV shows today!

First, I totally freaked my dad out by calling and saying, "Can I speak to your mother, please?" (She is living there and she is his mother, not mine. Just like she's not his grandmother, she's mine.)

Then we got home and I raced upstairs to watch two episodes of Sabrina that I haven't seen yet.

Both were hilarious - I like Salem! In the second episode, he wore a little firecat's outfit. So cute!

But the first summed up what I love about Sabrina, and Melissa Joan Hart as well.

Look at her one day - she's not like the other teen stars of today - she looks healthy! She looks like a normal person - nobody on that show looks like they're anorexic, nor do they care. I love that. (My sister sees that as an attack on naturally skinny people - it's not, it's a celebration of a show about a teenage girl who doesn't fret about her weight! And it's funny. Because I like it, the laugh track isn't too much. And the books rule.)

And the mean bitch who ruled the school for the first two seasons? She wasn't skinny, she wasn't blonde, she was so normal-looking! But a rich cheerleader, so she ruled. I never saw that in school, when I was there, I was reading, talking to my friends, and impressing teachers.

Anyways, the first episode of today addressed her weight. She wanted a new dress because she and Harvey were nominated as the Royal Couple of the Snowflake dance. She found the perfect dress in the Other Realm, only it was a size too small, and since it was from a magical place, she couldn't alter it. (According to Salem.) So she decides to go on a diet.

After half a day, nothing!

Then she looks through her Magic Book and finds a magical version of those disgusting diets pitched during daytime TV shows and late night infomercials - only this one works, she loses the weight. (MJH wore looser clothes, I think.) Every time she's hungry, drink a shake. Only she drinks one too many and disappears! And uses an Other Realm camera (adds 100 pounds) every few minutes to re-appear until she realizes (while invisible) that people voted for her because she's a cool person, not because she can fit in a size 0. And that makes her reappear. Except her math teacher got caught by the camera and gained 100 pounds. And then so did she.

I like Salem's eating habits - sugar on bacon.

The second was hilarious - career fair, and Mr. Kraft quits and then starts working where Sabrina works, so she and Aunt Snitch make a potion that makes you realize your childhood dreams - he wanted to be Charles Lindbergh. And Harvey got caught and wanted to be MIGHTY TEEN! The spell will end when they realize their dream, and Sabrina made Mr. Kraft think he'd landed in Paris and Harvey realized his when he saved the world - Sabrina.

(They never should have broken up - the actor was on the show even after they'd graduated from college.)

Onto the second show - the X-files.

What? It's on at 4 on 23 right after Sabrina, unlike Ripley's Believe It or Not which is on at 3! Same with Jeopardy! (When we all watch, we all win like so much money. Trebek owes me big time.) The gall of those shows, all great ones, airing at the same time. Nothing's on at two, why can't it be Sabrina and then Full House? (Because then I wouldn't have been able to watch two episodes of Sabrina I hadn't seen yet today, duh.)

It was Bad Blood!

There are no words, only laughing smilies.

My favorite part, besides the whole episode, was when Mulder threw the sunflower seeds at Ronnie, and since vampires have OCD, he had to pick each one up one by one.

I have got to watch that show more often. I only have season 1 on DVD and one mythology collection (post-abduction to cancer to cure for her cancer).

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