Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday is Video Day from this Thursday until

next Thursday when something shiny will distract me.

This is "Song of the Heart" by Prince from the movie Happy Feet.

I have the soundtrack and this is an amazing art, and this video for it is pretty cool.

I can't see this unless I'm in firefox, and half the time if I have the gall to open my blog with a video on it in Compuserve, CRASH. Restart, everything typed lost

But I still need to do this. Tell me if it works, please.

U might make a different song, yes that's right it's true
That don't make anybody more or less as good as u
If u can't feel the music that's all u really need
Then turn this party all the way out
Good time guaranteed

Everybody get up
Clap your hands and dance 2 the beat
Whatever u do little darlin' it's cool
Just get up out your seat
And wave a flag because everybody plays a part
One world united singing the song of the heart

Look ... everybody makes mistakes
Oh yeah, not one or two (right!)
But that don't make the dirty little things they say about u true
(U tell 'em!)
Step aside little babies and watch me do my thing
I don't even need a good reason to do
Listen to me sing

Everybody get up
Clap your hands and show them what u got
Tonight we gonna jam from now until eternity
Don't u stop - make it hot oh!
And wave a flag because everybody plays a part
One world united singing this song of the heart

Come on! Watch me now!

Oh, I don't care what the people say
This is my life
I just got to like that okay (okay?)
They can go fly their momma's kite
Hooray! (we got it!)

All right I'm going to tell u one more time
Listen ...

One world
One world
One world united
Singing a song
Singing a song
Singing a song of the heart

Feel me? Oh yeah!
Feel me? Keep singing!
U can do u
I do me
Whateva! Get going y'all!
The song of the heart

Why Thursday? To quote the great philosopher Arthur Dent, "I never could get the hang of Thursdays." So a video should help. Not if the world ends, but just with Thursday on a regular basis.

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