Thursday, April 05, 2007

I will marry Nigel.

Damn his fictional state!

I love Crossing Jordan.

My whole family does. I want Bug, Nigel, and Woody. Mom wants Woody. Becky wants Woody.

Beyond the looks, it's the first show since the X-files that I like that mixes drama and comedy with such great touches.

Jordan made Nigel cry tonight, "Someone I love is very sick."

I think her illness was a move by the producers when they saw what NBC did to their show. It wa supposed to start in the fall, so when we left and Lilly's stomach was flat, we'd come back after the Christmas break to see the pregnant belly.

I swear whether she lives or dies depends on whether or not NBC renews the show for another season.

"Jordan can't die!"

"She will if NBC cuts the show."

There's a soundtrack album, I must have it.

That's about it.

I know my family is completely insane, but we're not the only ones who talk about marrying fictional characters, are we? We actually fight over Tony on NCIS*. We're shameless.

(Oh, Nigel and Dr. McBitch are so hooking up. And so are Jordan and Woody. We hated the Ozzie boyfriend and cheered when he died. I told you, shameless. And Bug and Lily already!)

Musn't forget Las Vegas, I love when they crossover, I love how immature Woody acts around Danny.

*I'll take McGhee in a heartbeat though!

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