Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mikey and his Health

He definitely suffers from doggie depression. The case this weekend stems from the fact that his weenie hurts and his mommy is gone.

Last time his mommy was gone (for a week), dingus had a huge purple boil thing on his foot. We were so worried! And, naturally, since I can't provide him with the love he needs, he ate little and was very listless - it was July, everyone, canine or human, was listless.

But he puts extra effort into it.

Today, he would not eat.

He loves scrambled eggs, I made him some. It scared him - it was too hot.

I mixed in dry dog food (the only food we've ever used) and some bread, because every 4 to 6 hours, if he's crying, I give him a benadryl. He'll eat all the bread and he will drink some water. They did not give us enough pain medication for him. Luckily, the benadryl stops the itching of the stitching and relaxes him.

Tonight, he kept crying, but it had only been 3 hours. He only weighs 12 pounds! I had to be careful.

It's been a couple hours since then, and he is out on his Harry Potter blanket. I think he only went out twice today - and he didn't pee in the house because I was asleep, he just didn't want out.

He'll wake me up in a few hours though, and I'll let him out and then, if he's crying, give him a benadryl. It sucks when the hyper part hits and he's in pain - he's kicking blankets and crying, not barking. Poor dudders.

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