Friday, April 06, 2007

"Do you remember September 11th?"

Oh my god.

On A7, there is a snippet of an article about a disgusting lawsuit.

A California woman of Iranian descent is suing CHiPs. Good for her.

She apparently asked not to be cited for going 79 on I-680 last year on September 12, 2006.

The bastard said, "Today is September twelfth. Do you remember September eleventh? Do you know what happened on September eleventh? It's people like you who killed all of our people. This is our country! Why don't you go back to your country?"

Then he told her to shut up and wouldn't give her a business card when she told him she was filing a lawsuit.

The officer asker her to sign the citation, and she asked if she could read it first. Another racist tirade. "I don't have time for you foreigners to sit in your Mercedes! You think you own the road! You think you own the country!" He also pulled her from her car to yell at her further.

The supervisor showed up and told him to chill the fuck out. She went to the hospital for burises on her arm and leg and elbow pain.

Sick, sick, sick, sick!

Iranian descent means she's been here most of her life. And since she's alive, she plainly wasn't part of the attacks. God, what an ass.

I swear, police think they are above everyone else, because they're cops. My dad's a traffic cop, and he's teaching my sister all the wrong things when it comes to driving. He takes her driving in a car on the empty side of the base. Then she gets in mom's truck and drives around town, where there are other cars to deal with and it gets conflicting. He told her that the part of the car connecting the windshield to the windows, the side of the door, that thing... he told her that was a blindspot! And she yelled at my mom when my mom told her it wasn't. There are good cops, but too many are power-hungry assholes or corrupt.

So let's do away with government funded police forces. After all, anytime a welfare cheat is found, we should do away with welfare programs all together, right? Private forces, the market is God. "My sister was raped, robbed, and killed. Because of the robbery, they won't investigate - they said there's no money in it."

This is the only story I can find about it online. It's credited to the Associated Press in the Commercial Appeal, you'd think there'd be more than one online.

Her name is Zahra Sedaghatpour, and if this account is true, I hope she wins. I don't care what she wins, he better be fired.

Oh my god, he wouldn't return her "driver's license and car registration, telling her 'maybe the wind blew them away.'" According to this article, two other officers showed up and manhandled her and shouted profanities. Sick asshole bastards. I hope they get suspended without pay.

If it's true.

Above the bit about the lawsuit is a bigger article about a Roman Catholic couple that was interviewed on Ash Wednesday and pictured in the local paper (Wyoming) with ashes on their forehead, a mark of their Catholic faith.

The problem? It's two women who got married in Canada. They returned to Wyoming and sent a letter to the state senate asking them not to criminalize their marriage.

Then they were interviewed. And now, they're banned communion in writing, which is apparently a big deal.

They've been going to this church for a while, and it's not that they're gay, it's that they're not ashamed of it, that they appeared in public as a lesbian couple. One asked why Catholics who use birth control or have premarital sex aren't barred from communion and were told that those sinners don't go around telling everyone they sin.

They haven't been back since then, they don't want to make it worse. Your religion condemns you, but you grew up with it, you can't deny it. The two women have obviously come to terms with their sexuality and their religion, but the church hasn't.

Here's a link to the article on another attack on a minority.

Well, that was A7.

God knows what I'll find further in.

Oh, on A2, I found out I have to watch America's Most Wanted tomorrow night, even though a Law and Order rerun is on at the same time because Bloom County creator Berkeley Breathed will be on - helping solve a case, not in trouble.

And on A3 was an interesting bit about the Hatfields and McCoys. The McCoys suffered from an incurable disease that can be treated if caught soon enough and the tumors are removed. One place the tumors grow is on the adrenal gland, which can make you aggressive. Descendents of the McCoys today still have it.

What, it's interesting.

Now onto the B section - Germantown and Collierville residents can't have their grass higher than 6 inches or... er, the paper doesn't say. Probably a fine.

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