Sunday, April 08, 2007

Of all the places to hide easter Eggs,

"back in the chicken" is perhaps the worst.
Love, Dad

Random puppies are much cuter than bunnies or chickens when it comes to Easter.

Whoever took thse puppy pictures, thank you, they are adorable and I saved them because it was 'cute Mikey' and they were used (along with Johnny Depp) to lure me back to the message board when it allowed lurking.

I know why cute animals like bunnies (and puppies! ) are associated with Easter. The real reason has nothing to do with bunnies being fertile and Jesus coming back to life or stolen pagan holidays, no, it is much more, um sinister than that. According to a book (books don't lie), bunnies are associated with Easter because Jesus was at a wedding (water into wine) and learned that his cousin, John the Baptist had died. He got drunk and ended up holding a little girl's bunny that she'd brought to wedding for whatever reason. So he tells the writer that whenever he's sad, there should be bunnies. Then he passed out.

Makes sense.

By the way, how can candy smell like smoke?

Thank god for foil and plastic, let me tell you!

Thanks dad.

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