Friday, April 06, 2007

Mikey and his Blanket

No, it's not wrapped around him. You know how too much of a drug with a drowsy side effect can make you hyper, especially if you're young?

Well, he gets one 25mg beandryl when he acts like his wang is hurting him - it looks better, but still awful. Good way to encourage celibacy in the guys. "This is what happens when you have sex in high school." (Not that he ever had any, but that's beside the point.)

Anyway, that blanket is full of holes from its long use. I can fit my head through one, and so, apparently, can he.

The drowsy part of the benadryl hits, and the first couple of times, you could see the confusion. "Why am I so sleepy?"

But then the hyper hits, and he goes batshit, flipping around, knocking pillows to the ground and burrowing into blankets before kicking his way out.

Not that time. He burrowed all the way in. He was quite confuzzled, but he got out on his own. Eventually.

This morning, I slept on the long couch after bribing wickett off my pillow with a bone a couple times. I woke up, and Dixie was on the short couch, talking to me. Wickett was curled up on top of the back cushion of the long couch at the end away from me.

But where was Mikey?

All the doors were still shut, there was no apricot crybaby on the other side of the baby gate I placed on the stairs, where is he?

He hadn't moved all night - he was covered in a blanket - that same one, and sleeping on a couple blankets and pillows, right next to the long couch, quite fine. He grumbled when I picked up the blanket, so I put it back on him.

Then Mom called (I sent her a text saying, "I lost Mikey overnight! " I hate texting, but it was 7 am, and I didn't want to wake her up by calling her.) and he stuck his nose out and I said, "Yay! Six more weeks of spring!" Then I got close to him, made him growl into the phone. And then I came close to Wickett, who decided to yell at the phone. Mom said everyone could hear him screaming. I think he likes that. If I'm at the crisis center and someone's at home, sooner or later, Wickett will be put on the phone. The whole building can hear his yells.

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