Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Something Asinine on the Op-Ed Page Today

And I'm not talking about Ramirez's gross cartoon comparing Pelosi to Iran's president because she visited Syria. I thought that's what representatives of our country did. Talk to people, not blow them up or hang them.

I support her trip, I support her even more - she's so much more diplomatic than the people above her.

I'm talking about another bizarre letter to the editor. I will retype it, without the idiot's name, as usual.

You won't get the stupidity unless you get the Commercial Appeal, sorry. Though if you get any daily paper, you probably will.

The CA missed opportunity to inspire

I don't know why I was so surprised when I looked at your Easter Sunday front page. Instead of acknowledging this Christian nation with an inspiring Easter message to uplift people's spirits, we got articles on Mayor Willie Herenton, John Ford and the Winkler murder case.
Do you wonder why people think ultraliberals are anti-Christian? Would it have killed you to show a cross, spring flowers, anything symbolic of Jesus? Maybe the editors could at least devote one front page to uplift your readers' souls. This city has become so depressing, no wonder people leave.

Where's this anonymous (to everyone who doesn't read the CA) idiot live? Memphis.

First off, this idiot must have looked only at the front page of the Sunday paper. I read or at least looked at all of it, except business and sports, and he's full of shit. Yes, the Commercial Appeal, Memphis's only daily newspaper, did not look like a church newsletter on Sunday.

You want to know why the main articles were about Herenton, Ford, and Winkler? Because they're NEWS!

And this is a newspaper.

There were plenty of mentions of Easter and Easter services around the world - but not on the front page.

I like the ultraliberals thing. The CA is conservative and cares about money until the day they put their editorials on the front page. No, on Sunday, the editorial section is expanded beyond the usual 2 pages, and it's always interesting.


Also, spring flowers as a symbol of Jesus?

They are a symbol of spring, which we are still not feeling, as the sun didn't come out today and it was cold. I took a fan and a bag of ice pops to the Crisis Center for nothing.

They are also stolen from a pagan holiday that centered around the first day of spring. Christianity wanted to end all other religions, and took their dates and toys and said, "Jesus was born in December under an evergreen tree and died in April and came back as a bunny."

Or something.

I do respect Christians, but not idiots like this.

If he wanted inspiration, he could have, I don't know, gone to church? Subscribed to a conservative church newsletter so he doesn't have to see these liberals putting news on the front page.

How insensitive of them!

A somber note - the Winkler trial is so sad. She's the pastor's wife who killed her husband. The article was an interesting one on being a pastor's wife and the trials and tribulations of it and how it has to be a partnership or you'll end up killing each other. Of course, as someone pointed out in the letters section, it could happen in any relationship where there's a dominating party, not just in religious couples.

Hobby Lobby took out a full page ad on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Hawking pretty flowers that will die soon? No, 3 crosses and biblical quotes!

And many of Sunday's comics were just blatant, like BC and, BC.

By the way, I agree with everyone over at the CC. They should run the strips he had already made, and then stop it. But the plan is that family and staff will use his old drawings and put in new jokes, or something equally abhorrent. That's worse than running classic Peanuts. Nobody's tinkering with Schulz's work.

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