Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I am eternally grateful to Feministe.

A post making fun of a bizarre abstinence poster. (Abstinence feels good, it tells us, but Jill tells us that orgasms feel better.)

Somehow it turned into a discussion on choosing to be abstinent as an adult, and I was confused and knew nothing and admitted it and asked many, many questions.

And said that "Abstinence feels good, like a cigarette should," and no one cared, but they answered my probing, embarrassing questions about sex and dating.

So Zuzu (not the Brit!) did the right thing and made a separate post about sex ed, because I asked questions.

So many great titles, links, information, and stories - because I asked questions.

God, I can't wait for college - I inspired a post at a blog because of my incessant questions. My search for knowledge.

It's cool.

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