Sunday, April 29, 2007

In answer to Violet's questions -

Yes, I've been in pain, and yes, it has been too nice outside.

First, my doctor decided to increase my Lyrica week by week about 2 and a half weeks ago.

I started on the 15th. I was taking 300mgs a day (100mgs 3 times a day) and he wanted me to add an extra pill each week. I started by adding it to the evening slot. That Tuesday night, I was exhausted, and fell asleep around seven something that night and didn't wake up until Wednesday morning. I was very sick that morning - dizzy, nauseous, and my vision got blurred. The third was the scariest, as you can imagine.

My mom called my dad and made him come over until she decided that he'd check my sister out, because she wanted someone with me.

I got better and better until last Sunday, when it was time to add the next pill. I took it in the morning, and was fine until 5 o'clock that afternoon, when I got incredibly overheated (in shorts and a t-shirt), nauseous, and dizzy. Only this time, I threw up. I was asleep by 6 and did not wake up until 8:30 the next morning, when my mom came up to check on me.

I increased the Lyrica to stop the pain. It did not do that, and Monday, I was told to decrease the Lyrica until I stopped it. I took 2 Tuesday and Wednesday and just one on Thursday. I came off of it okay.

Wednesday, the doctor decided to try to just take care of the pain since I wasn't responding to nerve medication or my usual pain medication.

Wednesday night, I started wearing a fentanyl patch. I ran out of pain pills on Thursday, I was in horrible pain on Friday and it did not go away until yesterday, late in the morning. And even then it still cycled through. Friday, the doctor said I was to wear 2 patches at once.

I'm pain free and not even particularly cloudy right now. It's great.

So I haven't had the mental energy to do this, and Friday I realized I forgot the video.

And the dogs have been really ugly.

And yesterday, mom made me go to yard sales and then we rode bikes around town (don't eat hot shrimp when you're overheated - very sick to my stomach until we got home) and then I fell asleep for an hour watching the Cubs kick some Cardinal feathers.

It's been very nice outside, and we have a swing now to replace the trampoline.

I haven't had the desire to write, and when I have, I haven't had anything to say.

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VIolet Brown said...

Thanks for the update. I was really starting to get worried. It's too bad you've suffered so much lately, but at least you're pain-free for now. Now get outside and enjoy the sunshine before the summer heat gets you!

PS: I've really enjoyed the doggie photos.