Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wickett and his Sleeping Manner

So, last night, I decide to get out a sleeping bag and sleep on th floor, since Wickett and Dixie were already on the long couch and if I made her move, I'd get the eyes and whining. If I made him move, or just sat on the same couch, he'd yell and bite the pillows or blankets. And the other couch, the short couch, puts a cramp in your leg if you sleep on it too long.

So the floor it was.

I did just fine, going to bed around 11. However, there was somebody whining in my dream (I thought it was mydad in pain, and I was like, whatever dude, I don't care about you.) around 4:45 in the morning.

Only it wasn't in my dream - it was Mikey, sitting near the edge of the living room carpet on his Harry Potter blanket, whining his little head off. (No human can make that noise.)

So I got up to let him out and the other two followed.

"A ha!" sez I. "Now I shall have the couch for such fiendish purposes as sleep." And I got the couch all ready for a human to sleep on it.

And then more crying and banging on the backdoor. They wanted in.

I couldn't go back to sleep anyway, my nose was so stuffed, yuck.

But where did Mikey end up? He fluffed my open sleeping back and curled right up and went to sleep, but he wasn't about to share. Dogs!

No picture - I took one with my cell phone camera, but I can't upload those to the internet (my mom's camera is the only one that can do that and it's in New Mexico. With the digital camera).

So you're stuck with Wickett asleep. How does he get so relaxed, yet he's up in a flash, yelling at me?

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