Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oh bother and such.

It appears someone put an iron corset laced with knives and stickpins on me during my hour and half nap - ironically, right after I took 2 pain pills.

Oh bother and such.

I was having a good day - check the links - what do you see? Prince cavorting half-naked and singing about kissing. God love Myspace video! (I don't have that song on CD.)

I've also made it to chapter 7 in Ishmael Beah's book - ha! The carnage in the beginning should be enough to make me have nightmares, except I had a very weird, normal-for-me dream today.

I think it's true - fictionalized violence deadens us to the real thing. *glares at shelf full of Stephen King* But this really happened, and what's worse, it's continuing all over the world...

He hasn't been recruited yet, he's just seen too many innocents die.

He's only 8 years older than me.


I was going to return it with Godless yesterday when I rode my bike to the library (and back! 3.4 miles - uphill both ways, ha, the wind was a bitch, if you saw a looney on a blue bike with a stream of messy blonde hair behind her yesterday, yo.) and decided not to. I have to read it. he was on the Daily Show, true, but I rarely read the conservative authors featured. It's so compelling, so sad, so damn true.

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