Thursday, April 12, 2007

Reverend Graham believes he's right.

About everything.

Today, somebody wrote in saying they wanted to learn about religion and went to a bookstore and there were a lot of books and which book does the good reverend recommend?

The bible, since the rest are false prophets and the letter writer will go to hell if he reads them, or something.

The only thing mentioned about other religions in the Bible is that they're BAD.

The person said religion, not Christianity!

Of course, he wrote to a Christian Reverend. I'm sure an Imam would say the Koran's the only one you need to read and a Rabbi would say the Torah.

I have a book about religion I got at a yard sale for less than a buck. It's shorter than the bible (no begats) and it's just a guide to world religion.

The Bible can't help - it's hard to understand. They make classic books (Shakespeare's plays, mostly.) in a format where they put the unabridged play on one page, and the page across from it has it translated into modern English.

They need to do that with the Bible.

My sister has a 'teen' Bible - maybe it's like that.

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sister sue! [becky] said...

hey booboo!

yeh, my bible is the bomb. i never read it. but i know it is.

i have to go to work soon.


(no free tots, dangit)