Monday, April 09, 2007

Dixie and her Paw

How ever will she escape from this one?


defenestrated said...

Pardon me while I raid your sidebar o' comics. That you have a comics sidebar, on top of the 'taking a year off from life to deal with health' thing I've picked up on from my looking around, kind of freaks me out. Are you me?

I surfed here via Feministe; your comments always crack me up, so I wanted to put a layout with the screenname. Cute pups.

Kaitlyn said...

AUGH! I had a nice long reply and firefox or blogger ate it.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

I like your blog name, I'm adding it to my blog sidebar, so I'll know that hey, maybe I should look there from time to time.

My comics sidebar is longer than yours. I win!

I was just glad we can have more than one links section - I had them all lumped together - videos, comics, blogs, and odd websites. What a mess.

Thanks again. I like your name, it makes me think of French.

Anonymous said...

Is Dixie looking for the remote control?

Is she sick of the XFiles?

Just kidding sweetie.x

Kaitlyn said...

I don't know how or why doofus got like that.

She only cares about the TV when a doorbell rings, like it does in this new, oh so annoying commercial. The doorbell sounds after the guy's in the house, so I always agree with Dixie and think it's ours, but it's on TV, and I have to remind her of that fact.

Wickett changes the channels in this house, he's the man. Mom lays on couch, accidently changes channels as well, but Wickett likes to snuggle up to her and he often changes channels and once turned the cable off! "Pet me."