Saturday, April 07, 2007

I hate myself for this.

I want to watch this show, I can't help it. I have his book, No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem, and I've actually read it a couple times and liked it each time, whether I liked country music or not.

Hopefully the next time it comes on, I'll be outside, asleep, somewhere else, or watching something else. If it's on opposite a show I know I like, too bad. Or, good.

I won't watch it.

I'm watching a FOX show right now - they said Berkeley Breathed would be on, and I'm half-listening, maybe he'll be on soon - they're talking about a 30 year old murder. But I read about that, so it has little to do with commercials.

Grounded For Life was on for an hour today, and Sabrina was on for two today, and every other commercial break was for the Sound of Music.

Since they started their commercial campaign, I've wanted to watch it - we have the video. But I couldn't find it in the study with the other VHSs yesterday and gah, we used to watch it all the time, the commercial was sucking me in, but I didn't want to watch a movie without a pause button and with commercials.

And then I realized that Becky liked Julie Andrews - only in the Princess Diaries movies, of course.

And since she's out of town - ssh! - I went in her room and looked for her collection of DVDs and tapes. And there it was! There's a sticky note on it right now telling me to put it back in her room.

I was going to watch it this afternoon around 4pm - almost 3 hours long - so I could watch AMW -I just saw him on TV and said, "Hi Opus!" - but a phone conversation with my mom convinced me that my time would be better spent napping. I didn't wake up until 7:30. And, d'oh, when I was sleepy and worried that they'd be snowed in and not back in time, I called my Dad and asked him to pick up my levoxyl before Tuesday. My last one is Monday, and it's the thyroid hormone. There are others I could call, and they will be back, but he said he'd pick it up. It's only $3, but I'm sure he'll give me the receipt so Mom can pay him $1.50. He has to pay half our medical bills, so mom started sending him all of our receipts for prescriptions and doctor's visits. He claimed he already did at the December disposition, but at best, he picked up one prescription every few months when Mom had no money or time, and I needed this medicine. But he has 30 days to pay half the bills, and mom's not pushing him to pay sooner. Luckily, he said he'd do it Monday morning. He's also bringing over Easter baskets for Becky and me tomorrow.

I told him not to ring the doorbell, because I'd get jumped on if I was asleep and the dogs were in. And I don't plan on opening the door when he shows up -I'll just hide until he goes.

Look, I called him and asked him and he said yes and it was very civil. I just didn't say, "I love you" back. I did thank him.

Back to commmercials, am I the only one who dislikes the radio ads? I cannot stand the voices of the woman or the man in them - same two people every time. "Long name, amazing results." I knnow they have it in other areas, I first heard it at Alabama's Gulf Shore as A google search takes you to

Anyways, hate the voices.

And I don't like the David Duchovny Purina ad where he's voicing thoughts of puppies in shelters. Or the ASPCA 'give us money or this puppy will die' ad. Only because they make me cry.

And the Proavctive acne commercials on radio or tv, ugh! More annoying than any zit I ever had. My sister has bad acne, she hates some of the pictures of her on here because she didn't cover her acne up that day, or she'd taken it off. I tell her, "Acne doesn't hide your beautiful bone structure, it does not make you less pretty!" But it does to her. I'll never understand, though, so I should leave her alone.

Two more ad areas - pop ups online. Yuck. And then there are talking ads on lyrics websites, I'm listening to a song and looking for its lyrics when I hear David Bowie ask me if I want an iPod Nano.

And then in print... so many ads for churches or one full page ad put out by a business this weekend about Easter. Not about sales, this ad put out by a business was purely religious.

But, this is the South, so you're religious by default.

Other print ads I hate - Mad's ads. Not the ads, as much as where they're placed. If there's a pull-out poster, it would be nice if it had ads on the opposite sides, so you could pull it out. But it often doesn't. That's not fair.

And the magazines Becky reads... half the articles are ads or endorsements for something, and then the rest is ads filled with skinny girls. Next to an article telling you to feel good about your body shape.

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