Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wickett and his Ears 2

Ears my foot!

I said the microchip made him a cyborg, no, he already was one! Those aren't natural!

There is only one canine in nature with similar ears, and it is too cute.

Its ear size makes sense though, I think it lives in the desert, and large ears on desert animals are good because a lot of blood vessels are exposed, warming or cooling them off as needed. (Source - Magic School Bus book where they went to the desert taken from Crisis Center. Except they were talking about jackrabbits, not fennec foxes. But I think it's the same thing.)

So cute! What if I mated Wickett and a fennec fox?


Tom said...

So THIS is where you are!!!

I miss you and love you. . .

. . .do come 'round and see me!

You know where I live. . .

Hugs and smoochies!

The Fabulous Thomas J.

Kaitlyn said...

Hey Tommers! I'm not rejoining myspace yet, sorry.

I'm glad you found me.

I still love you. Pooch rhymes with smooch for a reason.